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Guarantee Policy

  1. The operator offers a 7 year guarantee commencing 28 days after completed installation, for the reason that:- The new concrete surface is “soft” and 28 days curing time is required to achieve “full strength” and a “settled colour”
  2. Operator guarantee covers application only as independent suppliers offer their own product supplier guarantee. (SG)
  3. Operators may offer customers advice in claims against. (SG)
  4. 7 year guarantee covers reasonable resistance against :-
    1. Cracking. (New surface only, not sub-base. Void if Re 22.)
    2. Peeling (Void if Re. 22)
    3. Wearing (SG)
    4. Slipping (SG and/or operator)
    5. Whitening or patchy colour (SG)
    6. Weathering or ultraviolet light (SG)
    7. Inconsistent colouring (SG and/or operator)
    8. Grease, oil, moss, and general house cleaners. (SG)
    9. No guarantee for exact colour, pattern or texture matching, however all reasonable efforts will be made.
  5. commercial applications are determined by the operator and carry the same guarantee for two (2) years.
  6. Stains, clear and colour sealing are all separate from spray paving world carry 6 months (SG) guarantee regardless if applied in conjunction with spray paving or as a solitary job.
  7. spray paving carries a 2 year guarantee over asphalt. 21) guarantee works are limited to retiring affected are only the original condition. Guarantee void if customers undertake their own, or engages another party for repairs.

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