Solutions to your new and old concrete Spray Pave - Epoxy - Grinding - Pressure Cleaning

Condition of Sale

DCR PRO CONCRETE RESURFACING will not take any responsibility for damage done to new surfaces by other persons including other contractors, homeowners, family members, neighbours, any other persons that come onto the property, tenants & associated people.

As a general indication –Your new SPRAY PAVE surface will last up to 30 years longer depending on the sub-base quality. Which also means an absence of faults within or surrounding the sub-base and these following conditions.

AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONSCongratulations on joining our establishment international network of proud and satisfied customers.

To ensure the maximum life-time from your new surface :-

  1. household stains may be removed with mild cleaners, broom agitation and water.
  2. Due to the slip-resistance texture, garden blowers may be better suited than brooms.
  3. Resealing is optional, but advised 2-4 years if required to maintain that new look.
  4. Keep all mats, pots, furniture, cars etc off new work for 5-6 days or more. (See15) Re curing time)
  5. Sub-cracks are not guaranteed & should be filled with flexible filler ASAP to prevent moisture penetration. WE TRUST YOU ENJOY YOUR NEW SURFACE; AS WE HAVE ENJOYED APPLYING IT!

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