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Service Details

  1. The customer acknowledges that this agreement embodies the whole agreement between them and supersedes any oral or written negotiations.
  2. Any installation date is approximate, determined by the operator allowing weather, workload etc.
  3. The operator reserves the right to cancel work, then refund the deposit, due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. The operator shall not be obliged to perform any works, other than specified within this agreement. Any extra works required, shall be charged accordingly.
  5. A customer cancellation “prior to commencement” fee of 25% applies. OR “ after commencement” fee. Of loss of profits + expense to date applies.
  6. A cooling- off period of 5 days applies if operator :- a) offers it, as noted. Or b)the customer was “cold called”. Expense 5) may still be charged.
  7. The customer agrees to pay all debt collection expenses,(if any) including the 24% p.a. interest fee.

    If power or water is not available on site, a hire or access fee should apply.

  8. If power or water is not available on site, a hire or access fee should apply.
  9. A $90 call-out fee applies, for any “after work repair” inspections not covered under the guarantee. Such repairs may be re-quoted as a new and sprite job.
  10. Progress payments may be charged for works over $3,000 after 1/3 completion.
  11. Any 2nd party engaged for follow-up work repairs shall carry their own guarantee and voids this guarantee.
  12. If chosen materials are not available, a range of alternatives will be offered and not change the sale conditions.
  13. Any agreement amendments or guarantee claims will only be acknowledged if received in writing, within 7 days of the initial event occurring.
  14. “Pre-work repairs” are deemed as any sub-base repairs required prior to final spray coats. Note Re:- 22) “After- work repairs” are separate. Note Re:- 9)

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